WBC Boxing Merchandise

WBC Boxing Merchandise A hand full of Boxing commissions met on February 14th 1963, on the invitation of the Mexican President Don Adolfo Lopez, to create a an international organisation that would unify all the commissions and control the expansion of boxing. That meeting created the World Boxing Council (WBC). Among the founding bodies are some of the most recognisable bodies know today. The British Boxing Board of Control, European Boxing Union, The Athletic Council of New York and the National Boxing Association.

The eleven founding nations of the WBC are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Great Britain, France, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Philippines, United States of America and Venezuela. In 2000 there were 161 nations that formed the WBC. The Countries are attached to the bodies

The WBC is known for its great champions, with their assistance, the sport become safer and fairer. The priority will always be for the welfare of the fighter. It is a fact that Boxing is a much safer sport now than before the WBC existed.

Official WBC boxing merchandise is now available to buy.

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