exigo is the New brand launched by the people behind Fit Box and Fit Equip. Exigo is a Latin word meaning complete, finish, determine, decide and settle. Exigo is designed and Manufactured in their UK Factory. If you buy Exigo boxing equipment you are supporting British manufacturing and design, by buying from a English brand it helps British revenue. Exigo Boxing equipment is a full range of punchbag's, platforms, boxing ring's and frames. Egigo strength is a full range of commercial grade gym equipment including Wall Rigs & Monkey Bars, Wall Bar Rigs, Free Standing Rigs, Monster Rigs, Transporter Rigs, Suspension Training Rigs, Racks and Platforms and gym machines that work Upper Body, Lower Body, Multifuctional, Arms & Abdominals. Benches and Racks, Rack Attachments & Lifting Platforms, Plate loaded ranges, ISO plate loaded range. Storage equipment including Dumbbell Racks and Bar & Plate Storage.

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